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Name: 2000Watt Universal Travel Converter/Adapter Combo 
Model: FC-2000P 
Brand: FOXCAN  
Spec: Converter Mode-Input: 220-240V AC, 50Hz,Output: 110-120 VAC, 50Hz, 2000W Max.;Adapter Mode:Max.8A 100-240Vac 
Class: NEW Travel Adaptor with USB/Converter(2018) 
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Product Description

 FOXCAN Model No.  FC-2000P
 Description  2000Watt Universal Travel Converter/Adapter Combo
 Product Size  114 (L) x 53 (W)  x 48 (H)
 AC Outlet  US socket x 1 ( unearthed )
 AC Plug type  US/AU/EU/UK (unearthed; 3 plugs)
 Converter Mode ( 2000W )

 Input: 220-240VAC, 50Hz

Output: 110-120VAC, 50Hz, 2000W Max.

 Adapter Mode ( 8A )  Rating : 100-240V AC, 8A, 50/60Hz
 Converter/Adapter mode Setting  Converter/Adapter Manual Switch
 Single plug safety protection  To protect one plug can be used at one time by pushing the manual locking mechanism.
 Fuse protection  Built-in fuse protection
 Power Indicator  Blue LED Power
 Patent Protected  YES
 Product color  Black
 Packaging  White box (FOC), Additional cost for 4C giftbox or blister packaging