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Name: Travel converter with USB charger 
Model: FC-1875WU 
Brand: FOXCAN  
Spec: 1875W Max.in Converter,1A For USB 
Class: Travel converter Series 
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Product Description

Name:Travel converter with USB charger
* Converter:  Input Voltage:  220~240Vac, 50Hz; Output Voltage:  110~120Vac Max. 1875W
* USB Rating:1A,5Vdc
* Dinmension L*W*H:114*53*48mm
* Weight:188.4g
* With single plug safety feature and shutter
* With 10A Fuse
* With auto output voltage adjustment to protect your device when product temperature is

* Blue LED Power indicator
* Covers more than 150 countries with US/UK/EU/AU plugs
* No Grounded Plug
* International Patents.