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Name: Jump Power of Emergency Car Start FC-C10000 
Model: FC-C10000 
Brand: FOXCAN  
Spec: Input:3A/12Vdc 
Class: Car Accessories(Newest) 
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Product Description

Product:Jump Power of Emergency Car Start
Model No. :FC-C10000mA 
Power Rating: 
Input:  3A / 12Vdc 
Output 1 (for car emergency start) :12VDC, Max. 200A (EC5 outlet)
Output 2 (for mobile phone charging) :Dual USB, 5VDC / 2.1A (total)
Battery Spec:10000mAH (Li-Polymer) 
Battery Power checking button and 4 LEDs power indicator
Compact Size:131 x 70 x 27mm 
Weight:502.5g (Jump Power only)
Feature   :
1. Jump start for Max. 4.2L gasoline car
2. Rapid charging time up to 90% charging power at 36W within one hour
3. Auto Detection to any Error Cable Connection to Car Battery
4. Just one step to connect FC-C10000mA with your car battery (no need to wait for 10 to 20 minutes to charge your car battery), easy to start your car engine immediately.
5. Auto keeping minimum power to start car engine, either as a Power Bank easy carry every day!
6. No spike occurred while contacting alligator clip with car battery.